Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I find resolutions to be daunting.
I prefer to select a word around which I can orient my year.
Last year was "INTENTIONAL", consequently this was also my mantra in 2010.
This year the word that I feel I need is authentic. It just keeps bouncing around in my head like an unanswered question - but an uncomfortable one from which I would like to run.
To me authenticity is vulnerable and honest and completely terrifying.
It also sounds like a lot of work.
To me this is the hard work of unearthing truth of who I am,
as opposed to creating who I think I should be.
And here's the authentic truth: that hard work makes me want to dive into a huge bag of Oreos. I will dunk them one by one in a deep glass of milk, and then what was it I was so upset about...
Or maybe I'll stick to it,
ask honest questions of those I trust,
discover who God made me to be,
live into a fuller life each and every day
because that's so much better than an Oreo dunked in milk.

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