Saturday, January 5, 2013

You know I'm going to be an alpaca farmer, right?
Well, that's the plan, so now you're all caught up.
It's a someday plan. Like a Pinterest home, I simply dream (for now).
So in order to get smart about these things, the obvious next step after dreaming, we visited a local alpaca farmer who confirmed what I had thought - they are adorable, easy to care for, and even city folk can succeed at this business - sweet.
Alpacas are cousins to llamas (think smaller, cuter, friendlier, better teeth).
They are just the right height for an eight year old girl, and so they followed Carolyn around the entire time, she was an alpaca whisperer. Julia was timid but interested, and thus the alpaca farm holds great promise for distracting two pre-teen and then teenage daughters from spending their waking hours obsessed with boys (fingers crossed anyway)


Emily said...

Yay! We're looking forward to visiting your alpaca farm in the future!

Angela said...

And their wool is the softest nicest thing for spinning and knitting. So definitely get alpacas and then sell me some wool :). I'm certain when you have found time to farm alpacas, I will have found time to spin and we'll be BFFFFFFFs.