Saturday, January 21, 2012


I read Eloise to the girls last night. Oh my Lord I had never read it before but Oh my Lord it sure does use "Oh my Lord" a lot.

Things Eloise loves, loves loves: Room Service
Things I love, love, love: Chef Meg's Blueberry Flaxseed Muffins

Which leads me to my second point which is I joined SparkPeople and the whole intentional eating thing is going surprisingly (read: unexpectedly) well. I track my calories. It's that simple. I was completely ignorant before SparkPeople about what/how much of anything I consumed or how that might have explained my expanding waist line. I actually thought about writing a book...

"My Underwear is Shrinking and Other Signs I am Losing Control"

Seemed like a catchy title and certainly reflects where I was as 2012 rolled around. Three weeks in and I'm feeling way less out of control with my choices. Who knew I just needed a basic low-down on serving sizes and calories. Simple. Yes.

PS - It snowed here, with ice. And I am extra tired after a long week. Like 10 hour days with no break week. Like my eyes are burning from staring at my screen week. Like give me a freakin nap already week. So now... I nap.

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Ross Christopher said...

You should still write the book, only with a twist at the end...Brandon was actually shrinking your underwear...mull it over at least.