Thursday, April 22, 2010

The evening was spent packing up for the weekend of wedding fun. The girls think they need to be accompanied by five to ten stuffed animals everywhere we go lately, so I had to make room for a little lamb, pup and penguin. We gingerly cut tags off of new shoes, and selected jammies for our overnight with the bridal party at the Bed and Breakfast (no boys allowed, the girls are SO pumped to be part of the 'girl' party). And then, after googling "quick acne remedies to painful explosions of the face" to no luck, I began to iron Brandon's dress shirts. In walks Julia who points to the ironing board in amazement and exclaims "Mommy! I didn't even know we had one of those things!"


Sue said...

Burt's bees parsley blemish stick works wonders; even over night. Love that stuff even though it's got a weird smell. It works!

Amy said...

I got almost the same response when I got the iron out a few weeks ago. Eli asked me what the iron was.