Thursday, April 22, 2010

1. Made with Love: Spring Wreath. In my wildest of imaginations I actually take the time to make beautiful things like this for my front door. This one is particularly perfect. From Design*Sponge.
Recycled Roses Pillow. I am totally intrigued by this creation that would look perfect on our eclectic bed or eclectic couch (eclectic in this reference means I can't settle on a theme because I love it all). From Alisa Burke.
Garden to Go. This is so simple and pretty to look at, and a great gift to receive. A jar of seeds for your very own. I could see giving this as a wedding favor and attaching a tag about love being in bloom or something cheesy and beautiful. From Craftzine.
Grow Paper. This is very similar to the Seed Paper Sue created with her boys at My Canvas is Green. All around a beautiful idea that can be done with the littles, and given as a sweet gift to the gardener (or gardener wanna be like me) in your life. From The Long Thread.
Friendship Bracelets. Because Carolyn is a friendly type of kid with lots of energy, this might be a fun project for her to start working on. And little girls love to give and to receive. From Scrumdillydo.
Letter Banners. I have seen these in several variations and would love to hang some over the girls new beds (oh yes, if you haven't heard, I want to make these beds for them, too). So much to do! From our hartbeat.
Boutonniers. Because there are so many weddings in our future, I loved seeing a quick and beautiful way to make your own boutonnier (she is also making her own bouquets, amazing stuff really). From Elise Blaha.
Gathered Clutch. Generally I prefer a purse with a handle, but these are just so pretty I might abandon the handle just for this. Again with the need for some sewing skills. From Noodleheads.
Shirt and Tie Dollar Bill Origami. Because Father's Day is just around the corner, and while Dad loves his cash, he'll love it even more when it comes in the shape of a shirt and tie. From How about orange.


Melanie Jackel said...

That pillow- so Anthropologie! Lovin' it.

Missy said...

I love your links! They always get me in the mood to get a project going.