Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Lunch Bunch days we pack crackers and cheese and pudding cups. She watches anxiously as I smear peanut butter and tuck in a few strawberries all washed and de-topped. Once satisfied, we set the makeup bag-turned-lunch box into the fridge to await the big moment when it gets toted off to school.
On Lunch Bunch mornings as she awakes Julia asks "Mommy!?! Is it tomorrow!?!" Then she and her sister squeal in anticipation of spending the afternoon with Grandma Caryl. They love their Grandma Caryl - so much so that Carolyn cried...sobbed...the entire drive home from Grandma's this week lamenting "I never want my Grandma to die...never EVER." I know, my heart lamented in return, I totally get that.
On Lunch Bunch nights, as we drive home from a family dinner celebrating Grandma Peg's birthday, Carolyn educates all in earshot that the best way to remove gum from one's hair is with peanut butter. "Really!?!" I inquire "How do you know that!?!" A sly smile and bit of an authoritative answer comes from such a tiny little mouth, "Well, I read it in that book, the one you don't let me read."

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