Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A mid-year update on the Resolutions:
1 Let the people I love know that THEY ROCK
I guess it's going alright, ask the ones I love, they know who they are
2 Cook more...include children
see exhibit A above, making pancakes for dinner tonight
3 Keep to our budget vigilantly
i'd rather not talk about it
4 Complete a triatholon
CANCELED, sorry body, you're not meant to be in shape, get over it
5 Continue to develop my sugar cookie skills
this is a later-half of the year goal, as I see it
6 Work on our yearly Blurb book monthly
yikes, whoops, gotta get going on that or december will be u-g-l-y stress
7 Pottytrain the little one
DONE and DONE!!! this is exciting stuff actually
8 Pass the PE (Professional Engineer) exam
registration went out last week, now I study my brains full until October
9 Learn to sew
I now know enough to be dangerous (actually just enough to annoy my mother-in-law with non-stop questions should I ever attempt another project)
10 Get the children to sleep, every night, alone, all night
and this, the most impossible of them all, has been very much accomplished and I must say evenings are very pleasant at our little house.
And if that wasn't exciting enough for you, here are some pictures our own little paparazzi took tonight. C is a hoot to watch, she picks an object and then gets about 2 inches from it before she clicks the button. Photography runs in the blood around these parts.
PS - That baby doll ain't right

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Ross Christopher said...

that baby has soiled itself quite a few times i think.