Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You know how some days you feel really peppy and productive, and you progress on goals set like eating healthy and not spending too much money? Yeah, today was not one of those days.
And to top it off my sister sends me the link to this song about little kids growing up and having good days with their mom (a touchy subject with me and my daughters on the fast-track to big-girlness). Warning to my mother-in-law: this song will make you cry guaranteed, consider that fair warning. *Sister, I really did enjoy it, just made me sad, that's all - but seriously glad you shared*
Plus I've got this nagging ache about my Grandma, kind of persistant right now, in case you haven't noticed.
For some reason the Jon & Kate Plus Eight drama has gotten to me, gritting on my soul kind of. Why, oh why, did I (and 9 million other people) watch that darned premier. I think I am a lot like Kate and that scares me (well not the hair, or the part where she's rich), like makes me want to hide under the bed from myself.
Oh yeah, and my husband leaves in 5 days for 18 days in China....

But, walk with me to the bright side:

- Though I work, my children are taken care of by someone who may love them as much as I do, their Grandma (and according to the picture about they seem to enjoy their time at Grandma's bunches)

- I can always do better tomorrow on the diet/exercise and budget thing - tomorrow's a new day, right?

- My Grandma is enjoying the rest she deserves in God's care

- My Handsome (I think the nickname might stick) has an amazing opportunity awaiting him on the other side of the world

Wow, I feel better already. Thanks for attending tonight's pity party. Please be sure to pick up your treat bags on the way out.


Anna said...

sister! it wasn't supposed to make you sad!!!!
don't be silly & worry!

Caryl said...

Thanks for sharing! It DID make me cry...but that's a good thing. Made me remember days gone by with my little ones...but also made me realize I can do it all again with my grandchildren! Everyone should see this video-might change the world :)

0812 Lane said...

KATIE! geeze. like mother like daughter. for SOME reason I decided to wait until I got to work to watch this: poor planning on my part. My supervisor came upstairs right as I'm in the middle of it and I'm wiping my eyes and I'm sure my nose is beat red. sheesh. :) But it is good, you're right.

Kari said...

Loved the video, tear. And Katie, I'm not sure which way you mean, but I think we're all a little like Kate. Glad you found yourself on the bright side in the end. :) Oh, and I love that your pity party has treat bags. I should try that.