Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 New Years Resolutions
1 Let the people I love know that THEY ROCK
could include making homemade gifts, sending a thoughtful card, blogging about their awesomeness, taking out to dinner, the list goes on
2 Cook more...include children
remember the health food kick? certainly the excema will return soon and so will my determination to fill their bellies with good eats
3 Keep to our budget vigilantly
this is serious people, of all the goals this is the one I most hope to celebrate attaining on New Years Day 2010!!!
4 Complete a triatholon
July 12th, I am SO there...though I haven't run a lick since mid-October, not to mention ridden a bike since I was 12 or swam a long distance ever, never ever
5 Continue to develop my sugar cookie skills
strange goal, but pretty sugar cookies make me smile, and smiling a little more wouldn't be a bad thing - and I'm going to do it with the help of this site
6 Work on our yearly Blurb book monthly
as opposed to 3 days before the shipping deadline as I've done the last two years
7 Pottytrain the little one
her sister is ready, her mommy is ready, and I hope she's ready because as soon as we get off that plane from Disney we're going full-steam ahead on the de-diapering
8 Pass the PE (Professional Engineer) exam
yes by the end of '09 I hope to be a professional nerd, as right now I'm only a nerd-in-training
9 Learn to sew
with a little, I mean a LOT of help from my mother-in-law I hope to soon be making projects like this, and this
10 Get the children to sleep, every night, alone, all night
it's a tall order, and we are beginning to think its darn-near impossible, but nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, right???
[NOTE: I was considering a 'No more pop' resolution, but that only lasted the first 12 hours of the new year. The rest of the list has stuck thus far, and I'm on hour 20 - only 8,740 more to go!]
['NOTHER NOTE: My cousin is shaving his beard for 2009 and his post makes me want a beard just so I can shave it, too - cracks me up]

Check it out - a teaser for the #7. J wanted to try 'potty pants' tonight.
It was a Potty Pants party at our house

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