Monday, October 24, 2011

A few weeks ago we fell in love with BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art). Not only did they have a great selection of art, but they also had tons of kid-friendly programming. Their "how to help your child enjoy art" brochure suggested the following activity (which the girls LOVED):

- Take your child to the center of the gallery space
- Have her close her eyes tight and listen carefully
- Describe one of the pieces of art, the colors, the figures, the details
- Tell her to open her eyes and *quietly* find the one you've described

The other adorable activity they offered was dress-up like art. Julia dressed up like Edgar Degas' Little Dancer, and Carolyn was given an amazing costume from Bartolome Serrano's Infanta Isabella, huge puffy collar and all. The girls had to "hunt" through the museum to find the art that matched the costume they wore.

And Julia fell in love with Matisse and all... those... COLORS!


Missy said...

Jealous! This looks so fun, it makes me so excited to take Addie to galleries. Looks like an excellent collection :)

Brooks said...

Jealous! The kids and I would love to see Little Dancer. We just read a book about it:
I love all the books in the series. --very interesting!