Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sometimes I want to dress them like the kids in the GAP ad, and I for sure want them to be straight-A students. When they make mile-long Christmas wish lists I panic that I'm raising greedy brats, or worse still - hoarders. When they tell me that Justin Bieber is "dreamy" I get a glimpse of the future and panic just a little more. When they dream of being figure skaters or professional gymnasts I think about how impractical it all seems and then smile because my parents encouraged me to be an engineer, and now it all makes sense. Sometimes I want them to sit like robot children at dinner and quietly make grown up conversation about "what they learned today." Usually I wonder if we're inhibiting some special spark deep within them that just needs the right nurturing and time to grow into a purpose. But mostly I just pray that God takes them by the hand and shows them who they are, and I hope its like nothing I've ever seen before.


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Wow great post. I think you read my mind.