Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sweet Carolyn just born
To all the fellow experienced moms out there, I need a favor!
Several good friends of mine are expecting first babies in the near future. I am hoping to put together a post of all the must-have items for a baby registry. Any good advise you have, great books to read, items you couldn't live without, and any other tips and tricks would be much appreciated! I have plenty of ideas, but every mom (and dad) is different, so I would like much more input than my own personal experiences.
Simply send me an email and together we will help these new mamas and papas (that's for you Joe!) out! I'll be sure to link back to your blog if you've got one, and hey... I might even send you a snack sack for helping if you'd like one!


Joe said...

this soon-to-be new dad would love some help as well. ;)

Anna Ander said...


I just wrote a list like that for a client of mine (a children's clothing company), let me see if I can find the time to translate it this week.