Sunday, August 22, 2010

Remember that annoying thing I do where I keep mentioning that I should learn how to sew but never do? Welp my friends. I learnt me some sewing this weekend! No more lamenting the lack of lessons, they have arrived.
My (patient and awesome) mother-in-law spent Saturday morning teaching me to thread the machine, run the pedal thingy-ma-bobber and other necessary skills I would be needing in my doll and snack sack making endeavors.
[It should be noted that this was only possible because my likewise awesome parents took the girls for a Friday night/Saturday day o' fun with the girls. Which left me with a solid night's sleep and a morning of nothing to do except learn a new skill - and it was glorious.]
As evidenced above, I took full advantage of my new-found pass-time...making four dolls, eleven snack sacks (which are crazy easy to make and SO fun, too... won't they be adorable in the girls lunch bags!?!), and I made the Pussy Willow Branches too for kicks (also EASY and also cute, even B thought they were "pretty cool looking").

Brandon pointed out to me that no family needs eleven reusable snack sacks. Probably true.
So - to celebrate my sewing abilities - I am doing a GIVEAWAY
Just leave a comment below, and you could be randomly selected for the three snack sacks above. Blue fabric with colorful fruit, brown polka dots, and green floral patterns. Super cute, I think your snacks will agree.
Hope you win!
[Be sure you leave an email, so I can reach you if you win!]
I'll announce the winner Friday morning, so be sure to enter by Thursday night.


Melanie said...

Oh katie, I knew you had it in ya! Your girls will have the fanciest picnics in town!!

Brooks said...

What a fun day of sewing!! If I still lived nearby, I would have invited myself over. :)

I think your snack bags are super cute. --and they have VELCRO. Nice.

I saw a link over at Angry Chicken for snack bags without velcro. Seems easy, but you would have to make sure your kids can master the fold-over to keep their snacks from falling out. . . I'm not sure if N can handle that!! lol

Seriously though--now you can sew!! What can't you do?!?! ;)

Anonymous said...

We've never met, but I'm Suzanne's niece; I think you've met my sister Jennifer and my nephew Nicholas at Jill's a time or two. Anyhoo, I love your craftiness...and your girls are adorable! Hope I win!!!

Kari said...

You know I'm a fan! :) Good job, girl!

Sue said...

Way to go on starting a new craft! Love the snack packs! Great idea!

Aidas said...

cool. i follow little reminders of love

Stacy said...

How creative! Love the snack bags and the dolls. Homemade stuff is the best--I just wish I had the talent for it. :)

Anonymous said...

I want these snack packs for the zoo:) love them!

Anna Ander said...

Can I just say that your dolls are cuter than every other Black Apple Doll I've seen? Now I want to make one too!