Monday, August 23, 2010

photo found from HERE
My new sewing aspirations involve dresses, courtesy of THIS tutorial. I am hoping to make C an Alice dress for the party using this concept. I might add more white buttons down the front and lace around the collar and...and...I better not get overly excited just yet. I'm still on snack sacks.
But my blogging aspirations involve sharing a response to the following sweet question in my GIVEAWAY Comments: "What can't you do!?!"Justify Full
Here's a few things among so many:
- I can't keep to a budget, no way no how.
- I can't survive a morning without a frappucino.
- I can't knit or crochet because I'm so uptight.
- I can't put together a decent looking outfit.
- I can't figure out what to do with my hair.
- I can't draw, its scary, C says so.
- I can't sit up straight.
- I can't make small talk, I'm aw-kwar-d.
- I can't button 80% of the pants in my closet.
- I can't do Shibori (Japanese fabric dying)... but I want to learn!

photo from HERE


Kari said...

This post made me giggle. Decent outfit/hair ... you wouldn't think they'd be that hard, but I can't do either to save my life. We should start a club. :)

Brooks said...


we have a lot in common. but, we already knew that, right?!?! ;)