Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At night we read, sometimes its Little House (again) or Tikki Tikki Tembo, or Leo the Late Bloomer...or Barbie Princess, who are we kidding? And lately we wrap up with The Jesus Storybook Bible. We used to use the "Sweet Dreams Princess" which was perfect for toddler-hood, but I realized early this year that we needed a bit more detail to the stories, and some illustrations would be nice, too. When I found The Jesus Storybook Bible on sale I decided we'd try it out and now it shall be gifted to every little one I know who needs a good bedtime Bible. The stories are well-written, and I LOVE the illustrations.

Here's an excerpt from Julia's favorite story (Jonah):
God had a job for Jonah. But Jonah didn't want it.
"Go to Ninevah," God said, "and tell your worst enemies that I love them."
"NO!" said Jonah. "Those are bad people doing bad things."
"Exactly," said God, "They have run far away from me.
But I can't stop loving them.
I will give them a new start. I will forgive them."
"NO!" said Jonah "They don't deserve it!"
I'll run away! Jonah said to himself. Far away -
so far away that God won't be able to find me.
Then I won't have to do what God says!
It's a good plan!
he said, because as far as he knew, it was a good plan.

But, of course, it wasn't a good plan at all.
It was a silly plan.
(Because you can run away from God, but he will always come and find you).

Jonah went ahead with his not-very-good plan.
"One ticket to NOT Ninevah please!"
he said and boarded a boat sailing in the very opposite direction of Ninevah.

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