Thursday, April 9, 2009

As the nine o'clock hour approaches the proclamation goes out: "Bedtime girls! Go pick out your books!" Four little feet hussle up the stairs at breakneck speeds. In front of the big green bookcase heads tip from side to side, sometimes a finger is brought to the edge of the little lips, 'hmmm?' At last they both have a selection in hand, they slap it on mattress as they climb up to the bed top where they snuggle into their spots, ready for story time. Tonight we might search for Cinderella's slipper in a search-and-find book, then Curious George might take us to the zoo, or the Dr. Seuss Dictionary might teach us our letters, or we might look for a lost Big Green Pocketbook, or read about friendship in the Giving Tree. We always end our time the same, we open up the Sweet Dreams Princess devotion book and read a story, or two, or three. Carolyn loves (bery much) the stories. She can already retell several essential Bible stories, and she engages in the devotional questions, which leads me to think at least a little is soaking in. It is one of those sacred moments tucked into the everyday-ness of life, when we all get quiet together and think about something bigger than ourselves, our busy day and our worries.
this is the one for girls
and here is the one for boys

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Becky said...

How funny! I haven't checked your blog in a long time (goodness, we talk constantly...LOL!) and I *just* bought the Princess Devotions book for Landry for her birthday. Picked it up a week or two ago. Hopefully, she'll like it as much as Carolyn. :)