Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh out of bed and into the kitchen for craft time with the handsome one, I wish I could start my day this way. I was en route to a leadership conference where I erroneously wore peep-toe heals for the first time that were making my feet scream before I finished the short trek into the conference center. I want go on and explain the emotions I am feeling in relation to the speakers topics, but Brandon has wisely suggested I give it a few days to digest, as I'm a bit passionate at the moment and sometime that can result in regrettable prose.
As you await my slow emotional processor to turn my passion into reasonable dialog, you can enjoy the Tie Dye Window Art the girls created based off of
this tutorial from Wendolonia.

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Brooks said...

we stole your idea and used coffee filters the other day. the kids LOVED it! --and our windows are pretty cheerful now. ;)