Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding prep is in full-swing at our house. Two little flower girls and a matron-of-honor requiring things like chapstick for dry lips and a stopage to all consumption of sweets in order to fit into silk bridesmaids dress on Saturday (yikes).
One of the better preparation items are these headbands. My mother-in-law (God bless her patient hands) helped me to assemble four of these lovely and affordable creations based on the tutorial posted over at Heart of Light.
I started with the attaching the flowers to a piece of ribbon per the tutorial, but found it very difficult to then attach the ribbon to the headband (which was a necessary modification due to the age of the recipients...there was no way they were keeping a piece of ribbon in their hair all day). Eventually we ditched the ribbon and went to hot-glue on a fabric headband - which worked much better and faster.
The piece of silk we used for the flowers was a remnant at the craft store (about $3.00) and the fabric headbands were $2.50 each (and they sparkle!) All told we got 4 headbands for about $3 a piece! Not too shabby!

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Matt and Jodi said...

so cute! your girls are beautiful!