Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1. Modge Podged Hand Tree - Art using a handprint of your child to create a lucious tree just in time for summer. From At Second Street.
2. Counting Bean Bags. Imagine the learning games you could play with these colorful beanbags. From Chez Beeper Bebe.
3. Scarfed Potatoes - C would love this, and its SO easy and affordable, we have every supply at our finger tips. From Babble.
4. Hankie Baby Bonnet - Baby Sophia would look sublime on Sunday morning sporting one of these. From Somewhat Simple.
5. Little Pink House - Loving the felt, loving the pattern, loving the fact the house is pink. From Sew Mama.
6. H&M Dress Tutorial - Twirling, yes please. The girls could wear this all summer. From Crafter Hours.
7. Felt Rosettes - I know, more felt, but seriously beautiful - could I please find the time to give my friends such a beautifully wrapped package. From Mrs. Priss.
8. The Market Skirt - Summer, are you there? More twirling and fun is ready to be had, especially if I could just learn to sew! From MADE.
9. Tool Belt Apron - How cute, the little wisk and wrap-around belt, and I love the for the sewing...sigh. From Heart of Light.


Matt and Jodi said...

Oh my them all!

Sue said...

Love no.1.

Amy said...

I am so making that tree for the nursery. How sweet to have art from big brother and sister in the new baby's room?!

Mrs. Priss said...

Thank you for the link to my rosette tutorial! This was a great round up!