Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tonight Carolyn played ball with Matt (of Gilpinology) but Brandon didn't have his camera. Luckily she broke out her crazy good art skills to capture the moment with paper and pencil - the old fashioned way. The ball is the dark sphere, the other two circles represent plates of brownies sitting on the table, in case you were wondering. And she is wearing a ball gown with long flowy hair, so it's a bit embellished.
Julia wrestled her Grandpa (residual energy from the plates of brownies I suppose) as we cheered the Jayhawks on to victory!
I just sat enjoying the company of Brandon's fantastic cousins, in from out-of-town, reminding me how much I enjoy their company and wish they lived closer...or that the world was smaller so we were all closer, ya know?

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