Thursday, February 25, 2010

She likes big snow flakes. And sweaters with flowers on them, really anything with flowers. She says things like "Oh my gosh I was freakin' out" and it makes me wonder how I must sound all the time. Her full name is Julia Elizabeth but we just call her "Jule Bug", she says "It's just Julia". She wants every baby doll she sees, she wants it so bad she'll pout and whine and then concede by telling us it is going on the birthday list. The birthday list is very long. Her biggest hope is that her hair will grow as long as Rapunzel's. She can recite the entire Pinkalicious book by heart. She loves pink. She also loves shoes. She helps me pick my shoes every morning, then she tells me I look beautiful, the great encourager. And when I bring home a surprise from the store she grabs my legs tight and says "Your my BEST Mom". She's spoiled, too.


Anna said...

oh jule bug! i must cuddle her soon--it's been toooo long!

Kari said...

There is no way she can be THAT cute. UGH! :)