Monday, February 22, 2010

As we reflect with the girls, in anticipation of Easter throughout the Season of Lent, we have borrowed an idea from Holy Experience, who suggests creating A Box of Repentances. Ours is an old oatmeal container, not a beautiful old chest they found. But, in the end, it has been abundantly meaningful to the girlies.
Basically this is a box where the girls (and Mommy and Daddy, too) will deposit their 'repentances' or "I'm Sorry's" on small slips of paper. We are beginning to discuss the concept of repentance and this is a compelling visual. Most powerful, of course, will be Easter morning when we burn (or throw away in some symbolic fashion) all of our transgressions as Jesus wipes away our sins by his death and resurrection on the cross.
"Therefore, my brothers,
I want you to know that
through Jesus
the forgiveness of sins
is proclaimed to you."
Acts 13:38
The thrill of tossing small pieces of paper into a cardboard box should not be underestimated. The girls are very quick to recognize their mistakes simply so they can race to the kitchen and transcribe exact details onto the small piece of paper before they toss it into the dark abyss. Kids are funny like that.


Anonymous said...

Katie, what a great idea! It's a powerful visual even for we adults! I just may paint up my oatmeal box and throw a few blunders into the abyss myself!! It's sometimes unfathomable the degree of sacrifice and resulting cleansing we receive. I'm proud of you for exposing your children to the lessons of our religions/beliefs. I promise you that you are building a place for them to celebrate happiness as well as find strength in difficult times in their futures.... It is important.

Mrs. Mitchell

Matt and Jodi said...

Very cool idea! I love it and can't wait to do it with John when he gets older.

皮東 said...
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*this daisy said...

Brilliant idea! (: It's wonderful to reflect on Christ's sacrifice and love together as a family.