Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sometimes I wonder how Ma did it. Before nebulizers and albuteral (ok, I know I spell like a first grader, so I sound everything out, so wot?) When their whole family got malaria in the hot July weather, when Mary got Scarlet fever and went blind, and even when they got the inevitable cold or ear ache. How did Ma, and other mothers-of-old survive? How do impoverished mothers all over the world handle it even today? All I know is I am blessed - beyond my understanding I am blessed.
PS - There is a diatribe inside me just dying to get out, be ready, its case you couldn't tell
PPS - My mom read this post while talking to me on the phone and says "Yeah, you did spell that wrong!" Good to know.

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Ross Christopher said...

think Oregon Trail...they died.