Thursday, September 3, 2009

The latest modern art exhibit is now on display on my kitchen counter. The artist is an up-and-coming photographer who just launched his sculpture career earlier this afternoon actually. And it all happened quite by accident as he was preparing dinner for soon-to-arrive guests and in a hurry placed the chicken to bake in the oven on a plastic cutting board.
The phone call announcing his latest artistic achievement started a little something like this, "Yeah, so, well...I messed up big time and I have a disaster on my hands, and I'm not sure what to do - and it was just a big mistake and its a mess..." Kind of a cryptic explanation of art, but you know artists, they're strange.
The dinner guests arrived promptly as family often does. They admired the sculpture and the unusual patterns and unexpected texture a piece such as this assumes under the heat of a 350-degree oven. And in honor of the artistic brilliance and innovative creativity our dinner guests elected to treat us to dinner instead...out of the toxic-fumed filled kitchen turned gallery of course.

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