Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A recent stormy wind had knocked down many of the flowers and decorations at the cemetary. We stopped by to visit Grandma's peaceful grave, at sunset, it was beautiful. The girls knew right were to find the handsome stone etched with Grandma's name - they ran right up and said hello as though she was standing there. After a few minutes of ensuring her flowers were all arranged nicely, C began to notice other less-cared-for monuments and began to prop up the vases, gingerly replace the flowers, and gently wipe away the freshly mowed grass trimmings. We held hands and walked around for a while, reading the names aloud of the strangers who now share a resting place with our beloved. The girls talked about the day when we will all be together again, and I was amazed by how easily children embrace complex concepts - as though they are really not too complex at all. They bear the message of hopefulness and trust in a way adults simply cannot.

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