Thursday, August 13, 2009

With a class reunion looming and an itch to search out a great bargain we headed to the Plaza. The ridiculousness of that statement now strikes me having come home empty handed, but at 4:00 it sounded like a great idea. For the first hour the girls were entertained with my belly scars and the countless dresses I was squeezing (or shoe-horning myself) into. After awhile we found our way to the GAP's third floor where they had to do some trying-on as well. I must say they have great taste and adorable little bodies that look good in everything - may they cherish these fleeting moments!


Helen McGinn said...

Oh, your kids are adorable. I came over from your sister's page, I think and your little lass looks so like your birthday often I've went shopping and came back with nowt but armfuls of stuff for the rest of the family! Such is life... :O)

Katie said...

So true Helen, and isn't it great ;-)