Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dance night was really not the highlight - the real highlight (and this is HUGE) is that we ate an entire meal as a family, for the very first time ever, with the girls on their own side of the booth and B & I side-by-side. For five long years we have had to had to strategically sit beside the children to limit any outrageous behavior, dangerous knife grabbing, and the like. [For those readers in the pre-child stage you are thinking "oooooohhhhh-K? who cares" but for those of you with children you can appreciate such a monumental milestone.] Allow me to reiterate - we ate an entire meal on our own side of the booth, starring happily at our ever-more-independent girls proudly propped up in booster seats munching on chicken fingers without incident - and it was glorious!

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Mutt said...

I understand. Before we sit down at a booth the first question is "which one do you want?"