Monday, August 10, 2009

The first thing C always asks is, "Did I get any mail!?!" Today the answer was the usual, "not today" and she finally asked the obvious, "When will they send me something!?!" Which makes me wonder, 'who is they?' but I didn't inquire. I was glad to see the latest Martha amongst the ads and bills so I settled down into the recliner for a quick read before I have to toss the lovely thing in the recycling bin (because honestly, I don't have time to read, re-read or actually implement any of her Good Things - though they are SO good). The girls quickly raced to my lap and pushed and prodded for position before Julia finally found my neck and Carolyn grew bored and moved to center stage where she performed her latest acrobatic skills. The handsome one had dinner prepared (from this cookbook) and baking in the oven, and for those ten minutes I experienced a bliss that keeps me going through traffic, the gallbladder bills and generally disagreeable moments.

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Kari said...

I was the same way in college. I kept thinking, hello friends and family, I'm living in this city with NO ONE, the least you could do would be to send me some snail mail.

Send the girl some mail! (I love me some Martha too!)