Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entertaining Baby Ava tonight (or little Aves as they call her) the girls had no idea their mother was on the brink of an interweb breakthrough, as only hours later I would discover Picnik. I have a sneaky suspicion the rest of the world is well caught up with this phenomenal tool that allows you to edit photos in all sorts of fun ways while your Photoshop-Pro husband is on the other side of the world (though that particular criteria is not a requirement). A FREE photo editing tool that is so much fun and easy enough my little C (only four-years-old mind you) figured it out in seconds. Forget "princess dot com" she will now be requesting computer time to saturate and brighten her favorite photo. That is, if she can tear Mom away first. Here are a few other fun things I quickly manipulated with my new favorite site... {PS - the rounded borders are not required, I just think they're fun}

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Kari said...

Neat - I will have to try it out! The bathtub picture is adorable and I LUUUUVE the last one. Great colors.