Friday, May 22, 2009

It's all the rage for pre-prom photos, I was told. A new park, we should check it out. In fact, as I found out, it is a memorial garden for parents of children who have passed away. And as soon as we walked into the somewhat secluded space, tucked away amongst walking trails, park shelters and a large swing set, you could feel something sacred. Passing under an arbor the path became paved with bricks and memorial stones with names, dates and short messages like 'Gone too soon' 'Home to be with Jesus' and 'Beloved Son'. I quickly calculated as I walked, babies, toddlers, nine-year-old boy, thirteen-year-old girl. It was powerful. It was sacred and solemn. There is a power in spaces like this. It felt like a comforting place for grieving parents to come, even if it had been thirty years since their child passed, as some stones indicated. And a place for a mom of two healthy little girls to give thanks for so many undeserved blessings.

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