Thursday, May 21, 2009

I hadn't thought much about tombstones, what they say, or how they look - until my Grandpa asked me to help with my Grandma's. We walked through two cemeteries one evening several months ago. He explained the quality of the different stones, the size of the lettering, and the placement. He knew what he wanted for her, but he didn't have the words. He asked me to come up with a nice saying. Sure. I looked around the cemetery and saw a lot of common sayings "The Lord is my shepherd" "The Lord bless you and keep you". It was all very nice, but I wanted something no one else had. I wanted words that would encourage those who grieve, those whose heart aches for a love lost, those who never got to say goodbye, for Grandpa, for me, for all of my family. At last I found the prose that would become my Grandma's eternal etched message:
"In our hearts there is a promise that says death can never win.
And a hope that will sustain us until we meet again."
Death did not win, Grandma and I will meet again.

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Melody Milbrandt said...

This post touched my heart Katie. I am so glad you put it up. And the quote on your grandma's stone is perfect. Praise the Lord we will meet our loved ones again! I, too am so thankful for that.