Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My friend Becky, who is an incredible cook, taught me how to make bread from this book today. It is knead-less dough that truly is made in a very short amount of time. It is the 'hard crusty bread with a soft middle' that my husband and children love so much. We feasted on a loaf tonight, and will be using the same concept for pizza dough and who knows what else in the very near future, that is as soon as I locate a baking stone (any ideas on where to find a cheap baking stone?) I will photograph our creations for your viewing pleasure, and might even bring by a loaf if you so desire!


Gina said...

Chris and I have this book and bought a pretty nice baking stone at Williams Sonoma. It's pricey online, but at the Plaza store we bought it for about 10 bucks cheaper.


Brooks said...

thanks for the book recommendation. we are always looking for good bread recipes.

right now, we just use our pizza stone (from target) as a baking stone. . .

some reviews on amazon had some ideas for cheap stones--like unglazed ceramic tile from home depot. though maybe a thick stone might produce a better product and be worth the extra money!

Rachel said...

ooo I might have to get that book, here is another thing you might want to check out.

this bread site:

and their blog (updated about once a week):