Thursday, April 16, 2009

There's this obsession I have with photos. I collect them. I scan old ones and file away new digital ones. I can tell you a freaky amount of details about a freakishly large number of photos - mostly family photos...scenery is alright but faces of people I love is what I most enjoy staring at. And so tonight I dug and dug through my obnoxiously large collection - seeking all things Jon Boy. You see, he is graduating soon and not only will he need a proper graduation invite with his boyhood face plastered across the front, but I also will make a video featuring 'hip' music (as decided by me, so the 'hip' term is used loosely) and a story, told through photographs, of his life for the last 18 years. I've done this for several cousins and my sister, and I love it. I love remembering when they were small, I love contemplating what amazing people they have become, I love them so I love this. I am looking so forward to this.

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