Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather by going on a
Green Scavenger Hunt
The premise was very simple and super inexpensive (free actually). C and I went searching for all things green, digital camera in hand. We searched the house, we stopped along the road as we drove, searched at school, and the grocery store. She was totally into it, and she loved that we were able to walk for blocks just to snap a picture of a stop light. Perhaps I will print up our scavenger hunt finds into a poster for her art space (so much for free - shocker, I found a way to make something that was formerly free all of a sudden cost money - it's a gift I have).


Kari said...

Love the idea and I'd love to know...what program do you use to 'collage' all your photos, add text, etc??

Katie said...

I use the Corel Suite - mainly Corel Draw and Corel Photo Paint. It is a relatively inexpensive program. Though, my sister says Picasa (the free Google program) provides much of the same and it's a free download.

tara said...

so fun! i love color-themed projects and parties!

Jenelle said...

Hi Katie, I did this project with my son and it turned out so great! He loved finding blue things- especially blue soda at the grocery store! Thanks for such a great idea!



Johanna said...

I saw your post on Design Mom and thought what a great idea. Today my son and I did our own green scavenger hunt, check it out here: JackBlog. Thanks so much for the idea, we loved doing this together!