Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Once I dreamt of riches. Life lay before me and there was much shopping involved, and certainly no adult acne. My house was beautiful and spacious, pantries full of food bought with nary a coupon and even less of a budget. The children were quiet and perfectly groomed, clothes pressed and noses that never ran. We vacationed across the globe, with matching luggage and sporty outfits to coordinate in each local. The dog never barked, or needed fed for that matter, and the house never needed cleaned. Dinner was scrumptious prepared by yours-truly without dirtying a single pot or pan - and out of each sweet mouth came "yum, that was great, thanks!" The TV never spewed ugly news, and the radio always played the perfect song - as I dreamt it once.

I see now that it was not anything close to reality -
not nearly as gritty, or as humble, or as beautiful.


0812 Lane said...

thats truly food for the soul right there

0812 Lane said...

"not nearly as gritty, or as humble, or as beautiful." i love that.