Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My sister, the witch doctor (a.k.a. nurse) recommended Gatorade for little J. We woke her up throughout the night to coax a little more down the gullet. And much to my delight she woke me up, two inches from my face with a smile and "Mama! Wake up! Breakfast" Thank you witch doctor Emily - oh wise one. Any solution for the massive bruise now?

On today's to-do:
- Clean out cars
- C to school
- Deposit to bank
- Laundry from the sicky
- Reassemble girls destroyed room
- Clean kitchen, germs and all
- Pick up and re-organize art room
- Clip three weeks of coupons Gpa delivered to my doorstep (awesome)
- Vacuum, dust and de-germ living room
- Make beds
- Make dinner
- C to acting (her 'bery favorite')
- Back to the blog, love the blog
{wish me luck}

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