Friday, December 19, 2008

This is a Polly Pocket. When J opened said Polly I thought "Oh great! *huff* lots of tiny pieces and little dolls with tons of clothes to put on-and-off". However, after only a few days of getting to know Polly and her pocket-sized apparel, I must say that it is one of my new favorite things. The rubber clothes slide on and off quickly, it all stores away compactly, and most-importantly J is ever-so-pleased. She often has two or three gripped tightly in her sweet little hand. After her nap she wandered down the hall looking for Polly hollering "Queen, where are you!?!" {Any women in a dress is a 'queen' to J, it's a beautiful thing.}

This is J. She is thinking, "Hmmm, this candy tastes good and is leaking out of my mouth in a kind-of-embarrassing way, but I don't care." And she is also thinking, "Mom! Stop freaking out about my haircut, I'm adorable."

This is the photo shoot C requested with her cousin Ava. This is the prettiest four-year-old with the prettiest two-week-old in the world. Tonight was the first night away from mama for little Ava and the girls 'rocked her like a ship', ran for extra blankets when they thought she was cold, and when she didn't want her bottle anymore J tried some - luckily Ava had sucked down every drop of breast milk or J might be too embarrassed to look her aunt Jami in the eye someday. {who are we kidding, this is Julia-the-Nipple-Pincher, nothing can embarrass this girl!}

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