Friday, December 19, 2008

I made a terrible mistake today. I took J to a local beauty salon that specializes in children haircuts. Which simply meant they had racecars to sit in while you got your haircut in their toy store by an unfriendly 'elf' who just got off her smoke break. For the 10 minutes of my time, and loss of locks from my children, I forked out the cash and walked away feeling like a fool. I was duped. Worst of all, I had to hold my daughter down and watch in terror as she got the worst bang-cut ever. They are short and boy-ish and I am bummed. The additional $12 I spent in bows is my last-ditch effort to save the hair which left me concluding... from now on I am doing it myself. So much for Christmas photos 2008, might-as-well leave the camera at home.
** After the initial post-hair-cut shock has worn off, the imo look is growing on me and I might go ahead and take the camera afterall. Fear not, Christmas will be documented.


Matt and Jen said...

I like it. I think she looks cute!

Andy said...

Does it really matter what her hair looks like? Won't you still want those Christmas photos years from now?