Friday, October 17, 2008

I love Carolyn. And there are a million reasons why, but here's one of the best ones - she has an AMAZING spirit. It is something we noticed in her incredibly early, as she can pick-up on people's emotions before most adults sense a problem. And tonight, when we went to visit Brandon's Grandpa [who has a bone fracture] at the hospital, she once again exhibited an emotional awareness far beyond her years.
As soon as we entered his room, Carolyn stood quietly with her hands folded gently. She didn't say a word, simply observed. After a few minutes, she came over to ask if it was alright if she gave him a hug. I told her she'd have to ask him. He gladly accepted and invited her to sit on the edge of his bed, which she gladly did. She talked softly, inquiring into his maladies and all the aparatus that surrounded him. Then she gingerly touched him and offered him a gentle smile.
I don't know what God has planned for Carolyn, but he has certainly given her a remarkable amount of compassion. And that is one of the numerous things I not only love, but admire about her.


Chris "Q" Allen said...

Isn't it amazing how some things are seem hard-wired in children? Things you might have thought were learned or invented. Like things as complex as C's compassion and empathy for people suffering from pain or anxiety... or just how they dance when they hear something they like. ... fascinating!

Midwest Nest said...

Sweet story.