Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
Best Friends Forever
I remember this day, oh how I am so glad the camera was handy! It was in late May, the world was just thawing out from a long winter as our little J was growing into her fifth month of life. She was SO laid back, content to bounce in her seat and watch C introduce her to the world of all things girly. And on this particular afternoon I had left the two alone for a mere two minutes to run to the bathroom. As I came back into the kitchen I found C, thrilled to share all of her baby dolls with her brand-new-and-very-best-friend - piling them several feet high on the bouncy seat in which J lounged. The best part was that J was completely content, simply watching her big sister, whom she was (and still is) completely enamoured with.

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