Monday, September 8, 2008

Tomorrow is BACK TO SCHOOL time for Carolyn. She's got a new teacher this year, but many of the same classmates. She already had a mini-class reunion at Chuck E. Cheese's a few weekends ago when she attended a little girl's birthday (which if you want to thrill Carolyn, send her mail, when she got the invite shaped like a butterfly announcing a 'PARTY!' she danced around the living room). The day of the party she put on her 'party dress' and helped me select the perfect princess dress-up set at Target. As soon as she arrived at the party she walked right up to the birthday girl and said "I got you a princess dress, and a crown, and it's very beautiful" We still have a few party-etiquette guidelines to review.
Now school is set to start. She is excited to see her friends and most importantly wear her new Tinkerbell backpack {thanks Grandma Caryl!}

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