Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SUCCESS! School has officially started!
Throw the blankies in the wash, first day happens to be 'Share Day' and C could quickly join ranks with Napolean Dynamite if she takes them in with all their stink - remind C not to mention that she 'sucks on these' during Share Time. Whip up some oatmeal, wonder if it is actually dairy free, ugh. Fold the girls' laundry, C spots the leggins and the outfit has begun. We negotiate through several random t-shirts and settle on a flowered number. She insists on the PUMA hoodie, I conceed, there is a nip in the air. Princess pretty shoes complete the ensemble. Make a quick trip to the laundry to dry not-as-stinky-as-before blankies. Find J. Wrestle J to the ground hollering "NO" as I grab her Elmo tee and some oh-so-cute jeans - struggle to get wriggling legs into said jeans. Where's the camera? Run from room-to-room with eyes darting, I know I laid it down somewhere, I can't miss the first day of school shot, guilty-mother feelings creep in but then, what's that shiny thing on the drier? Camera, score! Dried - blankies, check! Herd girls to the car, its like herding cats but they talk back and distract more easily. Pop them in their seats - JUICE! Run back into the house, door wide open - let some of that beautiful fall air in - B has prepared two juice cups in the fridge, score again! Exit drive-way, commence first day of school pep talk.

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Rachel said...

dang ! Whirl wind. C looks so cut though, can't wait to hear all about her school days :-)