Monday, September 8, 2008

C's food intolerance testing came back, and apparently she has a dairy intolerance. I thought (at first), 'she doesn't eat that much dairy' but I am now realizing that dairy finds its way into a lot of foods that cross her path. At the same time her arms are starting to get discolored from the severity of the excema and I am feeling like we need to take action...
Hence my endless Googling and book/magazine search for healthy dairy-free diets. On tonight's menu, whole grain spaghetti with Paul Newman's marinara sauce and grass-fed organic ground beef. Yummy non-bleached wheat bread, with soy butter, garlic powder and soy cheese baked on top. And a baby greens salad with Paul Newman's balsamic vinegarette (thanks again Paul!) I also discovered that trail mix (not the kind with M&Ms) is a great salad topper with all the dried fruits and nuts.
these are the mugs I get to look at while I feast every night


R&K said...

i love paul newman.

also, a great baby name...paul newman - 1 name, paul newman schultz, whatever, just has a good ring to it.


Mongeau Moments said...

I happened to find your blog...I love it by the way...someday, I aspire to be artsy and creative like you are! I'm sorry to hear about the dairy issue w/ Carolyn...I'm so much more aware of it than I want to be. We discovered that Madi has a peanut allergy and now I'm constantly reading labels. It seems as though everything has some type of milk product in it. I had no idea she had such bad eczema...I have to put Madi in pants most the time or she'll just scratch her legs till they bleed. I've tried to really get to the root of the issue, but no success yet....have you found anything topical that works for Carolyn's eczema?