Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am a lucky mama. I realized that sitting at the Independence Center at 8:00 tonight, people watching with the two most beautiful people I know - C & J of course. They are two of the best shopping buddies [in the dressing room I can always ask C, 'how does this look?' which I have heard the very honest "Ummm, not bery good" in response] and all they ask in return is a $2 ride on the merry-go-round. After watching their beeming smiles as we tried the 'tea-cup' rather than an actual carousel horse tonight, we wandered up the ramp to the exit where they have brilliantly placed an Auntie Anne's kiosk. My girlies, being after their mother's heart, suggested stopping for a yummy pretzel and I obliged [see, I'm not a total food nut]. So here we sat, snacking on pretzel sticks {brilliant idea these pretzel sticks, easy to share and yummy to eat - yet again, that Auntie Anne is a marketing wizard} and 'people watched' (like cow-tipping for city folks, a good fun time killer), drank lemonade and talked. I am a very lucky mama indeed.
Goodnight sweet friends - until tomorrow...

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R&K said...

I think brandon is beautiful in his own manly kind of way. maybe its his musk? something is alluring.

in a totally heterosexual kind of way of course.