Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something miraculous happened today...something that several seasoned moms told me would happen but I didn't totally believe. No, she didn't stop with the hand down the shirt, and no she still hasn't slept through the night...but today she REALLY started talking! I probably (seriously) heard 10-15 new words and phrases out of her mouth!
I should have known something was up this morning when she spotted a Jayhawk and pointed and totally said "Jayhawk". Other words she sprouted today include: "mouse", "where are you?", "Belle", "Jami", "Bipper". It was really like every five minutes I heard something new, it was unbelievable! Go Jules GO!


Anna said...

ah i am excited!! yay julia!! & i love carolyn's pj's! where did you get them?

Rachel said...

yay ! that's awesome - I hope she never gives up her growls though :-)