Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday's Fond Memories
our wedding
On Saturday Brandon and I will have been married for FIVE years. On July 19th in 2003 we were married at Our Lady of Sorrows in downtown Kansas City. To say this is a 'fond' memory is an understatement. My wedding day has to be one of the best memories of my adult life. We started out the morning by having Juice Stop together in Lawrence, we decided what better person to start this day with than eachother? Then he was off to buy his own $15 wedding ring (the original ring having been purchased so far in advance it was lost in the 'super safe' place it had been stored). We didn't see eachother again until I walked down the aisle, something that I am glad we did though I do not have a distinct memory of that moment besides feeling SO awkward as everyone is staring and I think to myself, 'Geez I've been smiling a REALLY long time...I hope this doesn't look fake' (yeah, the thoughts that run through my head are bizarre!) The church was gorgeous and after the ceremony we headed to our reception where we danced and cut cake and were SO glad to be married. As I have said before, I would have married Brandon within weeks of meeting him, so waiting through the four years of college tried my patience immensley. I am so grateful to have found someone who is so perfectly matched to me. That picture still plays out in our kitchen, him giving me a little kiss and me beaming because I know this guy is SO good.
Some of great photos from our wedding can be seen by clicking here.

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