Saturday, July 19, 2008

For the first time in a long time,
we got away, just the two of us for our anniversary....
We started with dinner at Pot Pie, a tiny restaurant in Westport. True to its name, it serves Pot Pie along with other comfort food, but with a gourmet flare [and a seasonal menu that is written on a large chalk board on one wall]. Brandon went for the namesake, Chicken Pot Pie. I had their famous Pan Roasted Chicken. We also got salads which were delicious. Since the place only has about 12 tables, you have to get reservations, but it is a fun experience worth the effort for sure.
Next we headed to the Plaza where we window shopped for a bit and then went over to Starbucks for a drink while we waited for our movie to start. I thought this shot of our coffees was cute, though they misspelled my name but Brandon assures me he can Photoshop that and no one will ever know [besides you of course]. I found my new drink-of-choice...the mint mocha frappuchino - wow was that amazing. I want to drive to a Starbucks right now for another, it was that good.
After the frappuchino we headed to the movies. We saw Hancock which I thought was very good, heart warming (albeit a little corny) but a wholesome movie with a happy ending, not too emotional...just my type. Following the movie we walked over to the Melting Pot to round the evening off with some chocolate fondue. This was like the grand finale of the evening...wowza. We ordered the Flaming Turtle fondue, complete with fire show with the flambe. It was incredibly delicious, let me reiterate, INCREDIBLY delicious. The perfect way to end such a fun anniversary.
We stayed the night at the old Quarteredge Hotel in Westport - now called the "Q Hotel and Spa". It has been recently renovated and is now the only 'green' hotel in Kansas City. I thoroughly enjoyed the decor, the whole 'green' concept, the service - it was a great selection. The rooms were very clean with nice amenities. The stay included free breakfast with made-to-order omelets that were delicious. I certainly would love to go back, and recommend it if you are looking for someplace to 'get-away' to. It also offers spa services, which is a plus as well.

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Brooks said...

Wow! What a FABULOUS way to spend your anniversary. I am incredibly jealous right now. ;)