Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here's my little angel, see I told you she's improved
since the terrible-two-and-a-halfs!
Today she walked into the kitchen and told her Grandma Caryl...
C: Hey Grandma!?! God was talkin' to me
Gma: Oh yeah? What did he say to you?
C: He said that he loves me 'bery' much and he likes it when I make good choices
It's funny she had this experience today (she's never claimed to talk to God before now), as I've just embarked on the heavy reading of 'The Religious Potential of the Child'. In the book the author talks about how children have a special connection to God, one that we adults just can't comprehend. I did notice on Sunday during a song at church C was talking to herself saying very adimately "God loves me, he loves ALL of us". I don't know if she is just infusing her drama and God stuff together to form one dramatic spiritual role playing game, or if she really understands that God is crazy about her, I hope it's the latter.

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