Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
more fun with little Brandon
Since he doesn't get a lot of attention on Friday's Fond Memories, I thought Brandon deserved another. Besides, he was pretty darn cute. This is Brandon, probably around Julia's age, playing in a make-shift fort with his older brother, BJ. His hair almost looks like a toupee its so thick, which he did not pass on to Jules! But, I do think she wears a very similar smirk to this one very frequently. She is also seen with a cookie in her hand very frequently as well, so they have more than a few things in common. Brandon talks about the fun he had playing with his brother, besides indoor fun they also played baseball and soccer together all the time, according to the stories I hear anyway. Now Brandon has two girls to play together, and his brother has two boys. I think all combinations of children are fun - wouldn't want to knock anything in particular - but it is very special to have two of the same sex to forge a bond that will go with them throughout their lives. Tonight as C and J splashed in the bathtub the giggling was contagious. They are starting to cuddle at night, and play 'house' together for long stretches of time (this is triumphant, to yield more than two minutes of quiet play at a time!!!) I am SO grateful that they can be friends forever...attitudes and God willing of course.

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