Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two-and-a-half years old was a bear at our house with C,
we seem to be past that lovely stage, but I'm sure more are on their way...
When my latest issue of U.S. News & World Report arrived this week, I immediately flipped to the article titled "Good Parents, Bad Results" by Nancy Shute. She points out that we really should turn to science to evaluate effective parenting techniques, tried and true under scientific scrutiny - makes sense. She also says that science shows that yelling, reasoning and spanking do not work. What works, according to Shute is praise, "Praise doesn't spoil a child; it's one of the most powerful tools that parents can use to influence a child's actions. But most parents squander praise by using it generically - 'you're so smart' or 'good job'". The three steps to getting praise right are: 1)Praise effusively, 2)Say exactly what the child did right, 3)Finish with touching or hug. [and if you didn't have to Google 'effusively' than you are a better person than I]

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